The Perks of Being ‘In the Club’

Hunting Areas

Marsh Lake Hunting Club includes five private hunting areas consisting of open corn and sorghum fields, two areas consisting of native grasses and countless rolling hills. Each area has its own unique feel and the variety will keep members on their toes seven months out of the year.

Duck Pass

Nicknamed “humble pass”, Marsh Lake Hunting Club’s renowned duck pass will challenge every hunter while providing a satisfying and exciting shooting experience. Hunters remain in stand up blinds while mallards fly overhead as they return to a resting pond, providing an extremely entertaining and fast paced shoot.

Guide/Dog Service

Members and guests are allowed and encouraged to use their own hunting dogs, but for those that do not have a dog or require the assistance of others, Marsh Lake Hunting Club will provide seasoned, professional guides along with fully trained dogs, upon request, to accompany you on your hunts.

Clay Target Range

Our clay target range is available year round and includes four stations covered by our new 12′ x 60′ deck. It may be used as a simple pre-hunt warm up, or be used as a challenging outing by itself.

Dog Boarding

Marsh Lake Hunting Club does provide both short-term and long-term dog boarding for members year round.

Bird Cleaning

A bird cleaning service is provided as well as a cleaning room for those that wish to dress their own game.

Post-Hunt Dinners

A ‘back-home at the farm’ feeling wouldn’t be complete without a home-made dinner for you and your hunting party – per request.

The Clubhouse

The clubhouse completes the day with places to relax and share stories out on one of three decks or in the two cozy fireplace rooms. The Marsh Lake clubhouse is a terrific place to relax after a great day of hunting.

Locker Room

The brand new locker room offers all the amenities of a club locker-room including heated floors and private showers. Generous sized personal lockers may be reserved for a year at a time.